Machinery Design and Service for the food processing industry

Design and construction of industrial continuous furnaces, including dough processing, moulding, casting and pressing machinery for the confectionery and food industy in general.


The founder began his activity as a biscuit producer in 1973, and later in 1976, having found major problems in the continous furnaces purchased for his production units, he decided to tackle this problem personally in order to find the best solution.

In 1980 a major company was founded in Verona for the production of industrial ovens and plants in general, a company which capitalized on the experience acquired in having tackled such problems in the past.

In 1994 the founder of “MANTOVA DOLCI” decided to leave the company he created in 1980 and to start a new production activity not only of continuous furnaces but also of complete plants (kneaders, power supply units, rotary machines, etc.) for biscuits and other food products such as pizza, crispbread, "schrocchiarelle" (Roman-style pizzas) and tarts.

In the factory where our company is located it is possible, among other things, to witness a working plant production both for syringe and shortbread biscuits, and to assess the actual features of our plants as well as our capabilities to produce low-consumption plants able to work with a minimum number of dedicated staff, being built to ensure maximum efficiency in an automatic way.




Mantua Sweets S.r.l.

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